2017 Expo Tradeshow on Tues, Mar 28 – Keynote Speaker Announced!

RajivAnand_headshotISA Hamilton is pleased to announce the keynote speaker for our 2017 Expo trade show will be Rajiv Anand.  Mr. Anand has over 30 years of experience with implementing process control and asset health systems with Emerson platforms  in the power, mining, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, and is now the CEO of Quartic.ai. In his current role he provides Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions for industry.

Innovative digital revolution of internet of things to enable new and disruptive business models.In his keynote address, Mr. Anand will be talking about how Smart Industry concepts, including Industrial IoT (Internet of Things), machine learning and artificial intelligence are poised to revolutionize the field of automation.

The ISA Hamilton Expo tradeshow is taking place on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 at the RBG Centre of Burlington’s Royal Botanical Gardens.  Situated at 680 Plains Road West, the facility boasts a large exhibit hall, speaking room, and a catered how lunch. The keynote kicks off the show at 9am, with exhibit halls hours being 10am-5pm.    More information about the Expo can be found on the Expo website.


Full Talk Abstract

Speaker: Mr. RAjiv Anand
Time: Tues, March 28 at 9am, Keynote Speaker
Topic: Industrial Internet of Things & Smart Industry

IIoT, Smart Industry and Artificial Intelligence for manufacturing
A beyond-the-Hype, practical look from an Automation Insider

In the manufacturing and industrial world, Industry 4.0, Smart Industry and Industrial IoT have created a lot of buzz lately. In software and computing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are at the top of the hype cycle. Digital transformation and the digital enterprise are on the top of the strategic initiatives list of every board room and C-suite.

Is it all just hype and the fad of the season or as transformational and disruptive as it is being hyped up to be? How will it impact manufacturing, industrial automation and the people responsible for running these operations? As a process control and reliability professional, what should I be preparing for, learning and applying to enable my company to benefit from this technological revolution?

This keynote talk will address why and how the industrial automation and reliability professionals should embrace these technologies and be the leaders for the digital transformation of their companies.

The talk will address some of the following topics:

  • These technologies will be as transformational as the invention of the internet was on our lives; as influential as the programmable controller, the PID controller, the personal computer, the Ethernet and digital communication was to industrial automation. The pace of technology advancement will be unlike any seen before, completely defying Moore’s Law.
  • The technology will not – as hypothesised by fear mongers’ – replace humans. It will enable and empower humans to focus on creative and high value, rather than mundane contributions of their skills and expertise to advance the manufacturing industry.
  • While cloud computing is one of the key enablers, Smart Industry does not mean running all your applications in the cloud.
  • A majority of the infrastructure required to start implementing IIoT and Smart Industry exists in most industrial plants. Ripping out your existing automation infrastructure is not necessary; you may not need new sensors, and you certainly don’t need for a new, common IIoT protocol to be finalized.
  • That it is not as complicated, scary or risky as some laggards would have you believe; nor does it require everyone to become data scientist and programmers to implement it.
  • That industrial automation professionals and domain experts will now become some of the most valuable contributors to an enterprise’s supply chain.
  • That we can all begin our journey of learning and starting to apply these technologies today; without disruption to our existing operations and work processes.

About Mr. Rajiv Anand
RajivAnand_headshotRajiv Anand is the founder and CEO of Quartic.ai, a company focused on providing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions for Industrial applications, Industrial IoT and Smart Industry.

He is an instrumentation and control engineer with 30 years of experience implementing process control and asset health solutions using Emerson platforms for power, mining, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. In his 30-year career, Rajiv has experienced all aspects of process automation applications from engineering, field installation and commissioning, project management, product strategy and technology deployment, sales management and business management. This has also given him first-hand experience in the evolution of process control technology over 3 decades – from proprietary control systems and PLC’s to open standards based systems; from 4-20mA signals and relay based systems to modern industrial protocols and advanced control systems.

Excited by the potential of Machine Learning, AI, IoT and Industry 4.0, Rajiv decided to retire from his position of Vice President at Lakeside Process Controls and launch a career in AI. Before starting Quartic.ai, Rajiv spent a year researching Machine Learning and AI, and advising technology companies and customers on digital manufacturing strategies.

Quartic.ai is based in Waterloo, Ontario with teams in California and India, and is working in close collaboration with the universities like Waterloo for advancing the application of Machine Learning to Smart Industry and Smart Manufacturing.

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