ISA Hamilton Expo – Tom Wanyama speaks about Teaching Industry 4.0 Networking Techologies

ISA Hamilton is pleased to announce the Dr.  Tom Wanyama will be speaking at our 2017 Expo Trade show on Tues, Mar 28 about the challenges of teaching the next generation about Industry 4.0 Networking, IoT and Smart Manufacturing Technologies. Dr. Wanyama will be speaking at 11:15am as part of the Expo’s technical program at the RBG Centre in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

More about Dr. Tom Wanyama’s talk:

Teaching Industry 4.0 Networking Technologies

By: Dr. Tom Wanyama P. Eng (AB and ON)


Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution, following the previous three revolutions, namely: the introduction of the steam engine, electricity, and information technology. The main objective of this revolution is to develop new business models that tap the potential optimization in production and logistics caused by increased and integrated industrial automation, cloud computing, global databases, networked intelligent system monitoring and control, and autonomous decision-making. Industry 4.0 manufacturing paradigm is heavily dependent on machine to machine communication (horizontal integration at the plant level), business and manufacturing processes integration (vertical integration), and the value chain integration (horizontal integration at the services level). All this integration has to be supported by a variety of networking technologies. The School of Engineering Practice Technology (SEPT) at McMaster University is making a deliberate effort to train the next generation of engineers that are ready to work in Industry 4.0 environment. Under this effort we have developed three sets of equipment for teaching networking technologies that support Industry 4.0. The first set of equipment is used to teach network configuration, the second set deals machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, while the third is used to teach system control and automation data access. The accessed data is used in a multiplicity of students’ projects, including but not limited to SCADA systems, system simulation and control using fuzzy logic and artificial neural network, cloud based systems, and data analytics. This presentation covers the importance of networking technologies to industry 4.) and the equipment we have developed to teach these technologies.


Dr. Tom Wanyama is an assistant professor in the School of Engineering Practice (SEPT) at McMaster University which he joined in May 2012. Dr. Wanyama has over 20 years of university teaching experience; teaching a wide range of undergraduate and post graduate courses, including: industrial networks and controllers, and Industrial System Components and Integration. Before joining SEPT, Dr. Wanyama led the team that developed, built and maintained packaging equipment for DuPont Canada at its Calgary distribution centre. At DuPont, he carried out simultaneous design of mechanical, electronic and software systems of packaging equipment Moreover, he designed industrial Control Area Networks (CAN) based on TCP/IP, CsCAN, and Profinet. Dr. Wanyama has wide experience in the design and installation of electrical systems in commercial and industrial buildings, and he continues to consult in the area of packaging systems automation. Dr. Wanyama’s research work falls in three areas, namely: system composition and integration, use of artificial intelligence in systems control, monitoring and maintenance, and development computer based tools for personnel training. Read more

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