ISA Hamilton was at the 2017 ISA Spring Leaders Meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

ISA Hamilton was pleased to send a representative to the 2017 ISA Spring Leaders Meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.  Held on May 5-8, 2017, the meeting is the ISA’s annual mid-year governance and standards committee meeting. In total over 100 senior ISA leaders gathered at this year’s event.

Attending from ISA Hamilton was Graham Nasby, who was on site as part of his role as the Society’s VP of Industries and Sciences, and co-chair of the ISA112 SCADA Systems Standards committee.  At the Spring Leaders Meeting (SLM),  Graham chaired a full day meeting of the ISA112 committee and attended mid year review meetings on the health of ISA’s global technical divisions.  ISA’s District 13 (Eastern Canada) continues to have an active presence in the ISA’s international level governance and committee.  Over a dozen Canadians were at this year’s SLM, along senior ISA leaders from across the USA and around the world.


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