2018 ISA Hamilton Expo – Preview of Keynote Address

ISA Hamilton will be trying a new format & venue for it’s 2018 ISA Hamilton Expo tradeshow on Tues, March 27, 2018.  The event will take place 1pm-5pm at the Sandman Hotel & Conference Centre, 3451 South Service Road West, Oakville, Ontario (QEW and Burloak Dr.).

Here is hte keynote address that will start at 1:15pm:

Is your Factory IIoT Ready?
How to Assess your Plant

Rod Scotland – President and CEO of Completely Managed Inc.
Gary McKenzie – Technical Solutions Manager of the Automation Group at Gerrie Electric


At its core the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is about connecting smart devices for the purposes of control and presenting information to people.  With control systems this has been going on for decades. So what is so new and exciting about IIoT?

An IIoT vision of the Connected Enterprise or “Smart Factory” not only connects smart devices for the purpose of control and analytics, it greatly reduces the workflow required to receive analytical information. The definition of a smart device was once a device that had network connectivity. Moving forward in the IIoT world a smart device is connecting into a controller that is “system ready”, meaning the control system can be aware of what this device is and how it should be used within the overall enterprise.

The biggest question for manufacturers with a desire to digitize their facilities is, how do I get started?

Assessing where you are and what you have is the first step in defining how you will get to you final goal.

The Value of an Assessment will absolutely provide you with this baseline and when complete, provide you with a validation and strategy to create a comfortable “normal”  baseline design of best practices throughout your network environment. It will also prescribe a change adoption process to properly enable new features, functionality in both hardware and software.  This session will help you understand why an initial assessment is required and is not something that should be overlooked. Post this session, the audience will come away with understanding the objectives of an assessment and equally, how to approach attaining the comfortable  baseline of “ normal”

About the Speakers


About Rod Scotland

As the President and CEO of Completely Managed Inc, Rod has instilled the organization with a unique  ecosystem partnering

strategy and approach. Completely Managed is unique in that its very purpose is to bring extensive networking expertise to both IT and Industrial Automation partners and customers alike. Rod has built the services and skills to help with the evolution

and trends of current customer demands while bridging the skills gap between IT and OT effectively delivering the promise of IOT. Prior to building Completely Managed Inc. Rod spent near two decades with Cisco Systems, as the lead Engineer owning National Architectures & Strategy. Rod Scotland was responsible for leading the technology alignment and national technology cross-architectures strategy for Cisco Canadian operations


About Gary McKenzie

Gary McKenzie is the Technical Solutions Manager for the Automation Group at Gerrie Electric, a Rockwell Automation

Distributor. Gary is responsible for a team of technical specialists dedicated to designing and deploying automated control systems using Rockwell Automation technologies. In his 25 years at Gerrie he has worked with process systems across many industries including Steel, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Water/Waste Water Treatment.

As the Technical Solutions Manager, Gary is responsible for managing the IIoT strategy at Gerrie and developing the services offering required to support modern network designs for industrial applications.


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