Member Event: Sept 25 tour of Guelph Water Services – a good time for all

ISA Hamilton held its 2018-2019 season kick-off event was a tour of the main pumping station for Guelph Water Services.  Held on the evening of Tues, Sept 25, 2018, attendees were treated to a light supper, a talk about how municipal water systems work, a presentation on the  Guelph Water Services SCADA system, and a walking tour of the F.M. Woods Pumping Station.  In total 15 people attended.

Tour guide, Graham Nasby, the city’s Water SCADA & Security Specialist enjoyed taking the evening to showcase the role that automation plays in running a modern water utility.  In addition to looking at process equipment, attendees also got a tour of the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.   Recent SCADA upgrade projects, and the roadmap/philosophy being use for upgrading the sytsem over time, were also highlighted.

Special thanks to Graham Nasby and City Guelph Water Services for hosting the tour.

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