Great webinar held on Tues Dec 15, 2020

ISA Hamilton would like to thank everyone who participated in our Tues Dec 15, 2020 webinar about online teaching/training.  Our participants included a number of local ISA members, but also attendees from the USA, England and beyond.

In the webinar, McMaster university professors Michael Justason, Tom Wanyama, and Mostafa Soliman all gave presentations about online teaching, setting up take-home lab kits, and online collaboration tools.  This was then followed by a great discussions about the challenges (and successes!) of delivering teaching/training online during the past 6 months.

Many thanks to everyone who was involved. We are all looking forward to our next webinar in 2021.

PS: We are also excited to hear about the good news on the covid-19 vaccine development front. Hopefully in later 2021, we can all start to get things back to normal again!

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