ISA Hamilton was at ISA’s 2022 Annual Leadership Conference (Fall Leaders Meeting) – Nov 2022 in Galveston Texas

ISA Hamilton was pleased to send a delegate to the ISA’s annual ladership conference (ALC) held in Galveston Texas in November 2022.  The annual event, which includes the Council of Society Delegates meeting, is a chance for ISA members from around the world to get together to plan the course the society and to attend various technical meetings.   After 3 long years of no international meetings, it was very nice to get a chance to see friends adn colleages together.

The new ALC was also important because ISA international has recently moved from a 2 meeting per year format (Spring and Fall Meetings) to just having the single leadership meeting in the fall, so many of us leaders now only have a chance to see each other in person once per year.

ISA Hamilton was very pleased to be abel to attend this meeting, and ensure that our voice from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada was heard in amongst the ISA’s over 150+ sections from around the world.

In addition to section governance meetings, we also had a chance to participate in several division, standards and technical meetings. Our ISA Hamilton section president continues to help out with the municipal water and power divisions, and was able to participate in several standards meetings for ISA18 alarm managemetn and ISA112 SCADA systems management

We look forward to attending the 2023 meeting, which has been tenatively scheduled by ISA to be held in the Colorado in the Oct/Nov 2023 timeframe. We expect ISA to be making an announcement about it shortly.

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