Seeking Volunteers to Help With 2023 Golf Tournament – Please respond by Feb 3, 2023

Since 1962, ISA Hamilton has a long tradition of running an annual golf tournament on the last Friday in May.  During the recent pandemic, our longtime golf coordinator has retired from the section, so we are seeking a new volunteer team to run our Annual Golf Tournament.
If you have interest in helping coordinate this event for 2023, please contact us by Friday February 3, 2023.
The general event timeline is as followed:
  • January/February – volunteer team is finalized
  • February – arrangements made with golf course,
  • March-April – registration of attendees (online)
  • early-May – final registration of attendees (online)
  • Fri May 26, 2023 – holding the event (day of), tee-off at 12:00, volunteers arrive at 9:00
  • Friday May 26, 2023 volunteer team thank you dinner.
A tentative date for our 2023 ISA Hamilton golf tournament would be Friday, May 26, 2023.
To handle registration, ISA Hamilton has a fully-automated online registration system (with credit card payment) which can be used.  The volunteer team’s role is mostly to call past attendees and see if they would like to register, check-in with the golf course, and then help on the day of the event.  We are hoping we can identify a team of 3-4 people to coordinate running this year’s upcoming 2023 tournament.
Pleaes contact any of our current ISA Hamilton committee members for more information.  Thanks,  Graham Nasby, 2022-2024 ISA Hamilton President –
ISA Hamilton Golf Tournament – Go/No-Go Decision
On February 15, 2023 our ISA Hamilton board will be meeting to decide if we will be holding a golf tournament this year.  Currently we are seeking a new volunteer team to help us run this event. We will only run the event if there is sufficent interest in organizing and attending it.  Interested in having a golf tournament on Fri May 26, 2023? Please contact us to get involved, so we make this a reality. 

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