2017 ISA Hamilton Expo tradeshow is a resounding success!

Thanks to everyone who came to this year’s 2017 ISA Hamilton Expo.  Held at Burlington’s Royal Botanical Gardens on March 28, 2017 the show drew over 150 attendees who came to learn about new automation products and services.    Here are some photos from the event!

ISA-Hamilton_2017Expo_IMG_20170328_104738 ISA-Hamilton_2017Expo_IMG_20170328_105428 ISA-Hamilton_2017Expo_IMG_20170328_105408 ISA-Hamilton_2017Expo_IMG_20170328_110728 ISA-Hamilton_2017Expo_IMG_20170328_105956 ISA-Hamilton_2017Expo_IMG_20170328_105709 ISA-Hamilton_2017Expo_IMG_20170328_105631 ISA-Hamilton_2017Expo_IMG_20170328_105300

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