2019 AGM All Wrapped up

On Mon, Jun 24, 2019 our local ISA Hamilton Section held its Annual General Meeting at the Shawn & Ed Brewery in Dundas, Ontario.

In attendance were the executive committee, plus several members of the section.  The group has a light dinner, a few beverage samples, and a great tour of Dundas’s newest craft brewery.

Part of the AGM was elections for next year 2019-2020 ISA Hamilton Executive.

We are pleased to announced next year’s committee:

President Michael Bovenkamp president@isahamilton.com
Vice-President  Brent Killins
Westech Industrial
Secretary Graham Nasby,
City of Guelph Water Services
+1(519)822-1260 ext. 2192
Treasurer Konstantinos (Kostas) Apostolou,
McMaster University
+1(905)525-9140 ext. 20288
Membership Chair Matt Kernick
Program Chair Joe Beggs
WIKA Canada

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